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Friday, November 19, 2010

Indian univs to start credit transfer system

Kolkata: To encourage stu­dent mobility, the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) would soon chalk out modal­ities to introduce a credit transfer system between in­stitutions along the lines of the varsities in the US, Cana­da and Europe.

The association agreed to work out the modalities after accepting Jadavpur Univer­sity vice-chancellor Pradip Narayan Ghosh's proposal in this regard at a recent AIU meeting. Ghosh argued for the system, saying the struc­tural pattern of university education hasn't been re­viewed for a long time. "As the second most populated country, the system is over­burdened compared to available resources," he said.
"Across the country, there are different systems in respect of academic calendars and de­tails of curriculum framework isn't available." He said thanks to recent technological advan­ces, students don't need to be confined to one educational in­stitute. "There is no existing guideline to define the criteria required for students to go to another university and study for a specified period of time and bring back the credit earned to the first university such a system is prevalent in Europe," Ghosh added.

He said students in various colleges affiliated to different universities in India aren't al­lowed to move within the coun­try. "It debars the students from attending part of the course in another university of his choice, which could en­rich the knowledge base. In­dian institutes like JU and ETs have credit transfer systems with regulations with foreign universities," the VC said.

He said children of parents with transferable jobs will ben­efit from the system. "In its ab­sence, the students have to lose one academic year," he said.

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