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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chicago University to set up centre in Delhi

NEW DELHI: The Capital will soon be home to the University of Chicago's first Indian centre.
The centre will not teach long-term courses or give degrees but will be like a resource centre where students and teachers from all over the world can col­laborate. Researchers will also be given access to the univer­sity's archives.
Announcing the opening of the centre, which will be housed at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Connaught Place, the president of the University of Chicago, Robert J Zimmer, said it aims to support students and scholars at all levels, from undergraduates to Nobel laureates.
"Our faculty and students will collaborate with Indian and South Asian scholars and institutions to host conferences on a wide array of subjects. Our goal is to create an intellectual destination in Delhi where schol­ars and students from the US, India and around the world can benefit from the exchange of free ideas," Zimmer said.
The 'exchange' in fact, is planned to be free of cost.
There are no plans to charge the students or researchers for participation. A charge could be levied, however, if someone 0 wanted to use our premises to hold conferences, but, as of now, participation will be free," said Ian H Solomon, vice president for global engagement, A University of Chicago.
According to the university representatives, the idea is to have a flexible set-up where workshops and seminars of short-term courses will be dic­tated by the demand from par­ticipants at the centre.
The centre will start func­tioning in March next year and will promote work in business, economics, law and policy, science, energy, medicine and public health and culture society, religion and arts.
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